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What can you do with a server?

With a Minecraft server ip address you can connect with other minecraft players or in other words play a multiplayer version of minecraft.

How does multiplayer work?

There are various types of Multiplayer. These types include:
  • Standard
  • Survival or SMP where players try to survive barrages of monsters.
  • Falling Lava where players attempt to buld a shelter before they are killed by lava
  • Roleplay
  • Spleef

How do I host a Server IP in Minecraft?

Slow down, first you need to know if you even can run a server. To tell first check if your computer has over 2GB of (RAM) memory, then make sure its at least has a dual core processor (i3,i5,i7 are better). Your bandwidth must also be quite high, Connection Upload speed is the most important variable when determining if you can run a server. To check upload speed you can use the tool at SpeedTest.net. Upload Speed should be over 1MB/s for 2 people and for every aditional 3 people it should increase by 1MB/s. If your system has all of the above specs or better you are ready to run a server. If you do not have the required specs but still wnt a minecraft server you should look for a server vendor. Servers can be as cheap as 10$/month and host up to 30people at a time, and better yet you can still use your computer to play. To set up a server on your computer visit this page.

How do I connect to a Server IP in Minecraft?

This is a very simple process.
Step 1) Find a Server IP
Step 2) Login to Minecraft
Step 3) Click Multiplayer
Step 4) Paste the Server IP into the box that shows up and click connect
You are now online and playing multiplayer.

Where can I get Minecraft IPs?

You can get some server ips at the ever more popular Minecraft Forum as well as at MCServerList.net.


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